Abundance Guided Meditation

In this meditation we connect with the heart-light of our true nature and experience abundant living with an awakened heart.


Just sit comfortably.  Relax your body.  Let your legs relax and just be here.


Notice your body, neck and shoulders.  Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Let all your muscles throughout your body relax.   Wherever you notice any tension, just inhale slowly.  Let your breath go into that area and exhale slowly out loud.  Take several more slow intentional breaths. 


Continue to notice your breath as you breathe in and out.  Let this normal, natural exchange happen within you.  Notice how natural it is to breathe.  You take air in, and you let air out.  Your body already knows what to do. 


It is an easy exchange.


We all have beliefs about money and living with abundance.  Just allow whatever beliefs you have to come to the surface.  Our job is to simply meet them – see them and become aware of who we are here and now.  Relax your shoulders.   Take another deep breath.  Let your awareness fully take root in your body now.  You are safe.  Beliefs can change.  So just take a moment to relax, continue to focus on your breathing and see if there is any room within you to live new beliefs about money and abundant living.


Abundance is far bigger than we realize.  We can experience abundant joy.  We can experience abundant healthy relationships.  We can have abundant peace and serenity.  Our money is just one aspect of abundance.  Like your breath, money is simply and exchange of energy.


Let’s take a moment to bring in some new beliefs about abundant living.  Please take a breath and say these out loud.


I embrace financial abundance in my life now.

I allow the energy of financial abundance to pour into my life so I may help my family, my friends, my community, and myself.

I choose to make significant changes in the world through my abundance.

I am grateful for all the abundance in my life.


Now return your attention to the flow of your breath.

Now is the time to say yes to the all encompassing benevolence of the Universe.  It is safe to say yes.  You are welcome to say yes to all the joy, love, opportunities, and gifts of an abundant life.   Just let that feeling grow inside you. 


Take one last deep breath and say out loud, “All I desire already exists in the Universe.  I am ready to claim it now with heartfelt gratitude.  And so it is.