The Crown Chakra is thought of as the “seat of spirituality.” It is through this chakra that our connection with the Divine occurs. When the Crown Chakra is in balance we are able to incorporate our emotional and mental relationships with the higher virtues of Hope, Compassion, Faith, Consciousness and Truth. This is essentially where we release earthly attachments and how we transmute negative lower vibrational energies into higher vibrational virtues that we are able to embody. It is through this center that we are able to consciously create Abundance.



When the Crown Chakra is not in balance, we can feel disconnected from God/Source/the Divine, triggering feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and blocks to worthiness.


If this center is underutilized or experiencing blockages it can show up as conflict in all areas of our life, meaning that you lean more heavily on your Ego versus your Higher Self. This can be a hard road to walk as you may believe that you have to “do everything yourself”, leaving you feeling unsupported on your path.


Another way imbalance shows up is when you have difficulty receiving support, feel weak asking for help, or are having trouble balancing the process of Allowing and Acting.


Clearing the Crown Chakra:

When our goal is to keep our Crown Chakra clear, we will find beliefs or attachments that are impacting this energy center. It typically revolves around your worthiness to be connected to the Divine or your wholeness as a person. It’s a matter of identifying the belief or attachment and releasing the experiences that trigger that belief to have a foothold.


Living an Abundant Life:

Your journey has been a long one… you’ve moved through many obstacles… and weathered life’s storms… But, the fact that you are here now, is proof that a powerful transformation has already awakened deep within you.


Even though we’re all made up of the same stuff… energy, those tiny particles can vibrate at many different speeds to form a unique frequency. When you embody a “lower frequency” you attract “low frequency” things, people, emotions and events into your life.


You know… like cars breaking down, etc. But, when you hold a “high frequency,” that’s when your desires can be pulled into your energy field. The perfect car… prosperity,… loving relationships, abundance, etc.


And here’s the most important part... YOU have the power to RAISE your frequency into an AWESOME high vibration. If You Want To Change Your Life, You Need To Raise Your Vibration within all of your chakras!


When you continue to prime your chakras, every day becomes purposeful, as you let go of negative thought patterns, low vibrating energies and emotions, transforming into the unique and powerful Divine soul that you are.


All You Desire… ALREADY Exists… And It’s Waiting For You To Claim It!