The Heart Chakra is considered to be the center of love and regulates our relationships, emotions and our ability to balance our needs and desires with those of others. When this powerful center is balanced you feel a sense of “wholeness” that allows you to “follow your heart” which means you are able to live from a higher place instead of from need or compulsion. When you are living from a place of balance within this chakra you find it easier to establish healthy boundaries and identify how to live an abundant life.

When the Heart Chakra is imbalanced you may notice that you are unable to identify your own needs, dreams or desires for your life. Imbalances can create situations where you choose other’s needs over your own, playing out the martyr archetype. You may notice feelings of jealousy and co-dependency also playing out as you are unable to fully connect with what you want from life so you create patterns of pleasing others and then becoming upset by the constant circle of pleasing others. Another way you may notice the Heart Chakra being out of balance is through over heightened self importance. When the Ego is left unchecked by the Heart Chakra you can fall into the trap of making everything about you and your needs at the expense of others.


Martyr Role:
As much as we might not like to admit that we play out a martyr roles at times, they are crucial to identify in order to get your Heart Chakra back into balance. The martyr role in particular is heavily played out in our society. When we believe that other people’s needs are more important than our own we can get thrown into this archetype. As children when we are given space to express our desires without fear of punishment or judgement, we learn how to strengthen this chakra. We become safe in the knowing that living from our Heart is safe and we will be loved. But, if you grew up in an environment that required you to self-sacrifice to earn love. then playing the martyr might have become a safety mechanism for you. Consider what happens when a child grows up with multiple siblings and their parents are stressed and worn out all the time. As a child, tuned into your own desires, as an example you may ask your parents to take you to the park. You’re super excited but when you ask, you are immediately shut down and are told: “Can’t you see how much work I have to do? The world doesn’t revolve around you, you know!” You just asked for a simple desire from your Heart were shut down. Now your little emotional body starts to interpret what happened so it doesn’t ever feel that pain again. Maybe you take it to mean that “No one cares about what I want so I have to take care of myself” and you shut down a part of your Heart that let’s other’s help you. Maybe you take it to mean “Being a parent is exhausting and kids ask for too much” so when you become a parent later on you feel that way towards your own children. When the Martyr Role is in play you aren’t able to discern what is healthy between what other’s want and what you need. You put your own desires at the bottom of the list and chase the never ending to do list that you feel will make other people happy or love you, thinking it will help your Heart to feel more Joy or Peace. 


It's Not Just About You:
The other side of the imbalance is when the Heart Chakra is only charged with the task of serving your own greatness. This happens when the Heart is operating only from a place of “I Want” type energy. In this imbalance everything is about what you think, want or dream leaving no space for others. This is when the Ego is out of control and running the show. Operating from this place will make it hard to have lasting and meaningful relationships because there is no balance of give and take…. it’s just all take! If you’ve picked up patterns from people who only think about themselves at the expense of others it’s important to start breaking that pattern down. If you operate only from a place of what YOU want and don’t consider others, it will stop you from having real connections with people. In turn you will just keep talking and thinking about “ME” in order to prove to people that you are worthy which will just disconnect you more. From this place of Ego, begin to look at how people respond to you, do you feel close with anyone and are you blocking other’s from getting what they need because your energy is demanding your needs be met first always.

Clearing the Heart Chakra:

Clearing the Heart Chakra is some of the most beautiful work because it allows you to reconnect with who you are, what you want, your soul purpose and others around you. The Heart can hold many layers of emotions and grief across multiple life times so it’s not always a clear path but it’s always worth it. Because the Heart is such a vulnerable area, clearing it can help you shed layers of beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you in being who you came here to be.