Abundance is a “large quantity of something.”

   o   Money

o   Love

   o   Health

  o   Peace


What does it mean to live an abundant life? Abundance is a fullness and joy we feel within. It’s not only having your needs met, but it's also having your needs exceeded. 


There is a difference between an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset. When we are in a vibration of abundance, we have feelings like love and faith, we're living in integrity, we focus on growth, compassion, collaboration and creativity. When we're in the scarcity mindset, we focus on fear, doubt, and lack. We tend to resist change, and live in competition with others.


As an example, money is really just another exchange of energy. That's all that it is. Positive focus on money creates opportunities, but a negative focus tends to close you to opportunities around you. You can think of it this way, the Universe wants to give you what you desire. It knows what your desires are by what you focus on and what you think about. The Universe is filled with abundance of all kinds. Everything that you need is there and is available for you when you are ready.


If we look at creativity—the opposite of it is competition. To create abundance it's important to move from the competitive mind where you’re worried about other people competing with you in some way—and move to the creative side where you’re focused on manifesting and moving forward.


In order to manifest abundance, you must feel you are Worthy of receiving. Manifesting involves using the power of your inner world to craft a fuller relationship with life. If you do not feel worthy, you will disrupt the natural flow of energy and love to you. Feeling worthy of any blessings or desires is a feature of your inner life. Here are the major perceptions of those who know they are worthy and deserving of life’s blessings:


·         My self-esteem comes from myself. 

·         I take full responsibility for my life and what it is and is not. 

·         I live in the present moment without guilt, shame or blame.

·         I understand the importance of having harmony between my thoughts, my feelings, and my behavior.


There is nothing your highest self wants more than peace. This peace makes you feel worthy of all of the richest blessings of the Universe, and when you radiate this out into the world, it is returned to you without fail. See Peace Meditation.

The intention of PrimeMyChakras is to help release any blocks and shadows to living an abundant life.  To release any imbalances that are blocking you from your highest potential.  See Manifestation Prayer.

What does an abundant life look and feel like to you? Fill out this Abundant Living Self Assessment to see where you are at currently in your relationship with abundance, and we will discuss it with you.

To learn more about chakras and abundance see below:

Our Abundance Guided Meditation can help guide you to what you want and deserve to have. The secret of getting what you want in life is to get in the vibrational frequency of what you want – to go to the FEELING and BEING place of what you want.  With daily practice you can awaken your Divine right to live abundantly.  


Everyone is meant to live an abundant life, and we support you in doing so.  Our goal is to help you recognize that deep change comes through higher fields of awareness and awakening.  Our purpose is to empower one another in helping achieve maximum results as we embark on living our highest potential.


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