The Root Chakra defines our stability & security in life. It’s what helps to keep us grounded and present in our bodies and support the feeling of being safe in the world when our basic needs are met. We form beliefs within this chakra at an early age. Having our needs met or not by those around us, really influences how safe and supported we feel going forward in our life.



Root Chakra imbalances are rooted in our early childhood experiences with our parents or caretakers, and their money stories.  If you grew up in a home that struggled with money, or the energy of lack, or it was unsafe for you, then it could be very difficult for you live from a place of balance in this chakra because you simply never had the experience of what support and safety feels like. It would be like trying to speak a language you never learned.


Money Blocks & Scarcity:
Experiencing financial scarcity at a young age can impact you later in life because that becomes your “norm.” You learn at a young age that money was difficult to earn, keep or hold onto so you continue to repeat the pattern. You may experience times where money easily flows into your life but then just as easily flows back out. This pattern keeps recurring because you have developed patterns or beliefs that aren’t consistent with the safety and stability that money or abundance provides. When you never learn how to easily call in and hold money, part of you is still feeling like “it’s too good to be true” or “I don’t deserve it” or some other variation of what you learned about money.


Safety and Fear:
If you were physically unsafe as a child it can be hard later in life to be fully present in your body, leaving you feeling ungrounded and fearful. The reason for this can be two fold. When we experience unsafe moments, we can leave our body energetically to avoid the pain. It’s the equivalent of our spirit leaving our body to seek safety elsewhere. This can make it hard to trust that being fully grounded and present in your life is safe, because you are afraid that pain or fear will sneak up on you again, so you are always part way “out the door” in case you need to run quickly. You can become stuck in ‘fight or flight’ energy within your nervous system. The other reason is because our spirit is always aware of the emotions and experiences we have yet to process – we sometimes stay in that state of being “out of our body” in order to avoid having to deal with it because we don’t know how, or we are afraid to or we simply don’t have the tools to process it. Safety can be a really big imbalance if you grew up with trauma or abuse. This can lead to situations where you put yourself in more unsafe situations because you don’t trust that safety even exists. It can definitely lead to a cycle that can be hard to break if you aren’t aware of it. The other aspect of safety is that when you are always on guard about staying safe, you can miss out on opportunities to grow, live from your purpose, try new things or be brave because that Fear lives inside of you. When it comes to any of these concerns, identifying and working to release the emotional fear in your body is a powerful way to help you re-write the story and create more empowering beliefs that strengthens your Root Chakra.


When we are denied our basic needs for safety as children, it can be hard to feel like we deserve to feel safe and at peace financially, physically & emotionally. The lack of a firm foundation in childhood shows us we are not able to have those things by default, and instead we overwork to earn them or prove we deserve them. The energy of trying to earn what every human inherently deserves is a major issue within the Root Chakra. For this reason, you may notice Trapped Emotions such as these showing up such as: Unsupported, Unworthy, Discouragement & Self Abuse. These emotions tend to become our driving force to prove we deserve something, or to push ourselves to overwork in order to earn something. The feeling is that if we work hard enough, no one can take it from us.



When it comes to being able to use your gifts of manifestation and abundance, the Root Chakra plays an important role. It is the chakra that helps ground your body physically so you can tap into the higher chakras and it also helps to act as a “bridge” for manifesting things from the energetic to the physical world. If you notice that your manifesting is not effective or that you are having trouble “staying in your body” it could be an indicator that you need to release some blocked emotions in this chakra.