Sacral Chakra and Abundance

Our Sacral Chakra develops when we are young and helps to create awareness about what brings us pleasure, and how to tap into our creative abilities and emotional body. When the Sacral Chakra is balanced and flowing it allows you to feel vibrant and playful in the way you show up in the world and supports the ability to create the life you want with ease and joy.



When the Sacral Chakra is blocked you can find it hard to tap into your creative energy and can notice a lack of pleasure in your life. This could mean that you find it hard to dream about what you want, are unable to enjoy what you have, or your creative flow has ceased.


If you grew up in a home where there was a lack of fun and everything was about working hard or not expressing your emotions, then manifesting abundance can be challenging. These experiences create stories about not being able to find joy in your life and can keep you stuck in the loop of constantly working or trudging along. It can also create resistance around the right to show up and fully express yourself.


Sexual Imbalance:

The Sacral Chakra absorbs energetic and emotional trauma from experiences of suffering any type of abuse because when the body is violated, it tends to shut down in order to protect itself. This can create resistance to being able to ask for what you want or need in life.



This chakra is the center of your creative abilities. You know those times that you are so in the flow that things just “create themselves?” This center helps to get you in the flow where you are able to birth new things into existence.


One way that you can become blocked in this area is if you’ve had experiences where you’ve fully expressed yourself and then you were shut down. This is a very vulnerable chakra because it reflects our ability to create from a place of our emotions. Showing up and REALLY expressing yourself can feel dangerous if you were shut down as a child. 


Emotions and Manifesting:

This center is a powerful emotional center. When you combine the Sacral Chakra’s ability to add creative energy to your emotions, then you’re creating a powerful force for manifestation. Combine that with the ability to fully embrace the Joy and Pleasure it would bring you, it becomes an unstoppable force for creating what you want in physical form.


Our Sacral Chakra is blocked by Guilt and Blame which closes down our "right to feel".  Guilt and blame are a continuum. When it is in us, it is guilt. When it's about someone else, it is blame. When guilt feels impossible to own ourselves, it can become blame and projected out onto another.


Clearing the Sacral Chakra:

When you work on clearing the Sacral Chakra it can be a balance of clearing traumatic experiences you’ve had, releasing guilt or blame around expressing yourself or feeling pleasure, or the need to do forgiveness exercises around relationships with others. These imbalances can be from personal experiences, inherited family experiences or even trauma we’ve absorbed on a collective level.