The Solar Plexus Chakra governs the energies that maintain our identity. How you see yourself and the roles you play are developed within this powerful energy center. When it is balanced you find it easy to show up as yourself, take logical steps forward to manifest an abundant life. 

When there are imbalances in this chakra, it can be hard to show people who you truly are, you might feel afraid of going against your culture or familial norms and may feel a lack of motivation or love for your life. These imbalances can keep you stuck, feeling helpless & unable to move forward. This means that when your identity is feeling threatened it’s going to pull up the emotional triggers entwined with your identity, ego and shame amplifying any unresolved blocks you may have there.


Living Authentically:
The Solar Plexus is the seat of our Identity. This is where we view ourselves and our role in the world. It could be as simple as the role of “Mother,” “Artist,” “Healer” or something more negative like “Failure,” “Unhealthy,” or “Victim.” When this chakra is out of balance we tend to identify with less powerful roles and identities. These identities don’t embody who we truly are. Once we have these roles (no matter how unsavory they might be), we tend to find comfort in being seen that way. We learn how to play it safe within these roles even if they don’t serve us. 

Breaking the pattern to choose a new identity or experience for yourself, means facing all of the things that are keeping you playing small:  family beliefs, your own experiences, emotional patterns and cultural norms. For most of us, this means going against the grain and being strong standing in our new story, even if others don’t agree.

Lack of Motivation:
Lack of Motivation plays directly into the identities we associate with. When we are choosing to live from identities that don’t fill our soul, we lose our motivation to create, enjoy life, build our dreams and engage with other people. It makes complete sense… it’s exhausting to never fully show up as yourself, to never be able to express how you see the world, what you dream about and who you want to grow into, and how to live abundantly.

At some point, you stop putting energy into the roles that don’t serve you and it feels like you are losing your zest for life. What your soul is really craving is to experience the things that align with who you truly are, not the mask you have been wearing.

Clearing the Solar Plexus:

Typically when you work on clearing the Solar Plexus it’s a mix of clearing any shame about Being Seen & Showing Up authentically along with clearing expectations others have for you. It can be very liberating to clear this chakra as it allows you the opportunity to create forward movement in your life where once you might have been blocked.