The Third Eye Chakra governs your Sensory Vision as well as your Spiritual Vision. It’s within this energy center that you will find the Intuitive Gifts that helps us to make choices that can create an abundant life. When this center is balanced we are able to tune into our guidance and access those Intuitive “Knowings” about how to proceed, what is true, or what the big picture is. From this energy you are accessing the spiritual plane in order to break through any illusion that may be happening on the physical plane.



When the Third Eye is imbalanced you may notice that is hard or even impossible to figure out what you want from life. This stops a lot of people from connecting with their Purpose & Talents. It can also create difficulty concentrating, obsessiveness, delusions, inability to see the obvious, denial, chaos, difficulty planning ahead, memory loss and even anxiety.


Fear of Being Seen:

Fear of being seen can hamper the Third Eye. This could mean that you are afraid to see the Truth in a situation (not trusting your guidance), that you are afraid to use your Spiritual Gifts for fear of what others might think/say/do, or that you don’t have trust in your own abilities.


When we experience situations where others punish or shame us for standing out or using our gifts we can learn to shut down this energy center. Sometimes it’s because it kept us safe to do so and that can be challenging to re-write that feeling of unsafety in our body. Other times it can be because they belittled us for even believing in them in the first place. When this happens we can start to doubt our own knowing and guidance, giving others the power to decide for us.


Feeling safe enough to stand in your gifts and trusting them comes with work. It will undoubtedly trigger emotions, and experiences along the way but the more you allow those experiences and beliefs to be healed the stronger your ability to use this energy center will become.


Clearing the Third Eye:

Most of our beliefs around using our Spiritual Gifts can get tied up in what we are taught is Right or Wrong about using them and what the consequences are if we do. This can include family beliefs, religious beliefs or your own experiences that still need some resolution to see what actually feels good to you. This looks different for each person.


We are able to use the gifts of the Third Eye to see TRUTH in a situation. This is how we are able to determine what serves us, how we feel about something, what we want and how to proceed. Doing the clearing work is about being able to trust in who you are and stand in that truth in such a way that you feel confident in your choices.