Opening Your Chakras as Explained to Children

Chakra meditation is powerful because it opens you up to a universal flow.  A state where your physiology and spiritual awareness is at its highest level. 

In order to open the first Chakra or the Root Chakra:

  • Step 1: You’ll need to Let your fears flow down the creek (think about what you’re most afraid of then face that fears no matter how painful they may seem.)

In order to open the second Chakra or the Sacral Chakra:

  • Step 2: Release all blame and guilt within you. (forgive yourself for every wrongdoing that took place in the past)

In order to open the third Chakra or the Solar Plexus Chakra:

  • Step 3: Release all your letdowns and disappointments. (What are you ashamed of? what are your biggest disappointments in yourself?) Accept and love all aspects of who you are, even your mistakes and failures.

In order to open the fourth Chakra or the Heart Chakra:

  • Step 4: Release all your sadness and loss. (Love is a form of energy. it can not be destroyed and it can only be transferred. Love live inside of your heart.)

In order to open the fifth Chakra or the Throat Chakra:

  • Step 5: Release your denial and the lies you tell yourself. (you shouldn’t lie about your life situation, you must accept and embrace the nature of who you are.)

In order to open the sixth Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra:

  • Step 6: Release all illusions within yourself. (Things that seem separate and different on our planet are actually one in the same—collective consciousness.) always have this in mind wherever you go. It can help you get out of your own way.

Opening the seventh Chakra or the Crown Chakra?

  • Step 7: Release all your earthly attachments; let go of all you’ve grown to love. In other words, don’t be too attached to materials or inanimate objects. Learn to leave free from desires. (Meditate on what attaches you to this world, then let them all go. Or you can not let the pure cosmic energy flow in from the universe.) 

 Opening chakras can empower you to connect to your perfect or “higher” self.