You are embarking on an amazing journey of being a Personal Development Coach! Thank you for making a difference!

β˜†Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a gmail email account so that you can get the Google assessment responses clients send you. Share your gmail email with Cinda Morey, the Administrator, so she can place you on the Google Forms.
  2. Join the PrimeMyChakras Personal Guides closed Facebook group to ask questions about the PrimeMyChakras process and share success stories.
  3. Create information about who you are to put on the About Us page and send to Cinda Morey along with your picture to post.
  4. To receive donations, you will need to have a PayPal account that can be linked to for you to receive funds. Share your PayPal email with Cinda Morey, so she can create a donations button for you on the COACHES page.

β˜† Sessions Content

After you have scheduled a time to connect with a client, here are the lessons plans, email content and forms for each lesson. 

*  Module 1 Root Chakra Guidelines

* Module 2 Sacral Chakra Guidelines

*  Module 3 Solar Plexus Chakra Guidelines

Module 4 Heart Chakra Guidelines

* Module 5 Throat Chakra Guidelines

* Module 6 Third Eye Chakra Guidelines

Module 7 Crown Chakra Guidelines

When you receive completed Google forms back from your client, you need to copy and past them from Goggle Forms into a word document on your computer so you  can then delete the forms from Goggle with their person information. Use the Client Session Notes Template to put your Google Form responses into.

β˜† PrimeMyChakra Assessment Forms on Google

1.      Intake Form:


2.      7 Chakra Survey:


3.      Root Chakra Self Assessment:   


4.      Sacral Chakra Self Assessment:


5.      Solar Plexus Chakra Self Assessment:


6.      Heart Chakra Self Assessment:


7.      Throat Chakra Self Assessment :


8.      Third Eye Self Assessment:


9.      Crown Self Assessment: 


10.  Abundance Self Assessment:


11.  Financial Abundance Assessment:


12.  Getting Started with PrimeMyBody:


13.  PrimeMyBody Foundation:


14.  Midpoint Assessment:


15.  PrimeMyChakras Program Evaluation: