Awakening the Heart of your Heart Chakra!    

Heart Chakra Focus

Allow the truth ‘Love is Divine Power’ to penetrate your body. Raise your attention to your Heart Chakra, the center of giving and receiving love.




  • Color Connection:  Add the color Green of this chakra to what you wear this week.



  • Water Connection:  Place a word from this week's affirmations on a water bottle and drink in the resonance of that pattern.  *See Messages in Water, by Dr Emoto.     

Heart Chakra Evening

As you prepare to enter sleep, review how you used your energy during the day, how you invested your spirit, what you learned about the investments you made. Review the events of the day. 

Focus on your Heart Chakra and take a couple slow deep breaths and say, ”Thank you for the lessons and blessings that my Heart Chakra taught me this day. Thank you for helping me give and receive love”.