Awakening the Heart of your Sacral Chakra!  

When this chakra is depleted of energy, the individual is quick to fall into depression or anxiety, ridden with guilt with not allowing self to truly enjoy life.  Problems with the sacral chakra can cause a huge imbalance in our emotions; we can become arrogant, cruel or even aggressive (road rage is the classic example of this). People with issues in their sacral chakras are often cold and disconnected, and unable to appreciate other people's emotional needs. The sacral chakra provides us with the energy to respond properly to emotional stimuli and is easily unbalanced by emotional influences. This could be anything from relationship problems to difficulties within families or work. As such, it is easy to understand why this chakra is one of the most commonly blocked or suffering from energy depletion. By nurturing the sacral chakra, we allow ourselves to express ourselves fully, and with a sense of empathy for those around us. 

Sacral Chakra Morning

Allow the truth ‘Honor One Another’ to penetrate your body. 

    o   Relationships: How do I feel about my relationships today?

    o   Creativity: What am I going to create today to bring joy into my life?




  • Color Connection:  Add the color Orange of this chakra to what you wear this week.



  • Water Connection:  Place a word from this week's affirmations on your water bottle and drink in the resonance of that pattern.  *See Messages in Water, by Dr Emoto.    


Sacral Chakra Evening

As you prepare to enter sleep, review how you used your energy during the day, how you invested your spirit, what you learned about the investments you made. 

Focus on your Sacral Chakra and take a couple slow deep breaths and say, ”Thank you for the lessons and blessings that my Sacral Chakra taught me this day. Thank you for helping me honor all my relationships”.