Awakening the Heart of your Throat Chakra!  

Throat Chakra Morning

Allow the truth ‘Speaking My Truth” to penetrate your body. Raise your attention to your Throat Chakra, the center of expressing your truth. Speak and Listen with compassion. 

  1. First, ask yourself, “Is what I want to say today true?”
  2. If so, proceed and ask yourself, “Is what I want to say necessary?”
  3. If the answer is yes, proceed and ask yourself, “Is what I want to say kind?” 

Speaking your highest truth doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be hurtful or critical. The truth from your spiritual essence will come across as kind and compassionate. Listening is another aspect of the fifth chakra. The highest form of listening includes giving the other person your full attention.




  • Color Connection:  Add the color Blue of this chakra to what you wear this week.



  • Water Connection:  Place a word from this week's affirmations on your water bottle and drink in the resonance of that pattern.  *See Messages in Water, by Dr Emoto.   

Throat Chakra Evening

As you prepare to enter sleep, review how you used your energy during the day, how you invested your spirit, what you learned about the investments you made. 

Focus on your Throat Chakra and take a couple slow deep breaths and say, ”Thank you for the lessons and blessings that my Throat Chakra taught me this day. Thank you for helping me express myself and my truth easily and confidently”.