Processing Emotions

We all want to cover up difficult emotional feelings we don't like. Whenever we don't feel good and we don't like something, we want to escape from it.


If you take a gay person and a straight person, and ask them what it was like when they first discovered their sexuality, it would generally be very different responses. A gay person might think upon discovery of being gay, "this isn't good", or "this is going to cause me issues". They might think about any uncomfortable feelings constantly. And a person upon finding they are straight, might not think about it at all. It doesn't matter if you are on the difficult side of an emotion or not, it is our perception of it that makes the difference. Events happen to us which causes us to react and then we create a perception of it.


Every emotion that rises up within us needs to be honored. And every act of walking towards it and walking through it, is honoring it!!!


When we think negative thoughts, we feel negative feelings. Our reaction TO pain or negative feelings, is the problem. It’s the anticipation of a feeling that people are scared of. We all have pain within us that is unprocessed. And we receive triggers that remind us what we don't want to feel but need to.


When we feel emotions that we like to have like joy, we just feel them and don't think more about them. Kind of like laughing at a joke. You laugh and then move on. With emotions we don't like, we can really complicate them and think about them over and over again. Or trap them for a long time into our shadow self.


When you just talk about a problem to satisfy your intellect, but don’t feel the emotions of it, you aren’t clearing it. You need to feel whatever emotion comes up and honor that feeling in the moment.


When our body processes a thought and reacts, it gives you an opportunity to honor the emotion so you can feel it. Our body is always talking to us. Historical pain within us is just waiting for us to honor the feelings. You can't clear an emotion that you don't want to feel.


How do you treat pain when it comes up in your life? Do you ask yourself who can fix it for you? Or do you figure out a way that you can release it?


The body is very resilient and can hold onto emotions for a long time, but eventually we all have to pay our dues. Like overeating for years and then having a heart attack, or drinking alcohol for years and then the liver is shot.  Don't wait till you have to pay through physical suffering.