Fear - the Shadow Side of the Root Chakra

As we begin to let go of fear, we feel the manifestation of love expressing itself.


Our Shadow Self are the parts of ourselves that are in ‘darkness’. These parts are trapped emotions and powerlessness within us. These are the parts of us that feel separated from worthiness, separated from life and separated from love, wholeness, security and well-being. We all have them and we don’t have to be stuck with them. Our shadows are striving to create our awakening to ourselves. The shadows are where defenses and hiding places are, that seek to stay in the unconscious. 

The Root Chakra deals with survival and is blocked by fear which closes down our "right to be here".  As we begin to let go of fear, we feel the manifestation of love expressing itself. As a child we develop fear through interaction with the world. When we connect to the pure nature of who we are, it's like being born again through the integrity of your higher self rather than existing in the emotion of fear. Fears come from the place of not being able to be in control.  


When you release fear based beliefs and emotions, you DECREASE FEAR, and INCREASE LOVE.  Your love exponentially increases with each fear you release, for you cannot hold on to both at once.

Our mind cannot hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. One way to release fear is to saturate your mind with positive words and thoughts by repeating positive affirmations instead. Repetition will help release fears and your mind will shift in the direction of your new dominant thoughts.  When you listen to the positive affirmation videos within this program, you will be able to acquire a new habit of thinking and feeling. 

When we change and clear our brain chemistry, we are able to create a stronger foundation upon which to think clearer and to make healthier choices.  It has been proved through research and mind mapping, that FOCUS Hemp Extract Oil helps regenerate brain cells. As our brain clears, we can relax more helping us to let go.

Gandhi said “be the change you wish to see in the world”. In other words, don’t sit waiting and wishing for things to be different. Be the change. Move towards what you hope for. Then it will be. And that starts in the 'now'.  Not tomorrow (that doesn’t exist… yet). When you heal and create in the NOW, that’s what will manifest tomorrow. If this is fear-based it will be your reality. 

The Universe will be behind you whatever you choose. It will manifest your greatest fears or your greatest desires.

When you experience fearful thoughts, acknowledge them, and then hold onto your light. And repeat to yourself: “I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.” It will give you strength.

      To SHINE.

      TO LOVE.

      TO BE.



Bringing light to the shadows is a vital part of your spiritual path because it honors the need to explore and embrace all parts of you. Your 'Right to Be Here', means claiming and maintaining your connection to your Higher Self. 


The secret of getting what you want in life is to get in the vibrational frequency of what you want – to go to the FEELING and BEING place of what you want.  We support you in manifesting your light through a variety of ways such as life coaching, guided meditations, affirmations, and development of personal goals, etc.


Part of what we offer you are 'Root Chakra Daily Practice' suggestions which is a unique part of the PrimeMyChakras program created to help you awaken to being at home in higher levels of consciousness. This gift will be given to you during the coaching process. 

By working with your Root Chakra with a PMC Coach, you will feel stronger to move forward in creating a *secure foundation* to build your life upon.  PrimeMyChakras program is designed to give you the tools you need to raise your vibration and deepen your connection to your Higher Self.  Release yourself from Fear from past challenges, open to new possibilities, and get "unstuck" by awakening the heart of your Root Chakra.