Forgiveness is one of those things many of us know is a good thing, but we may not know how to do it. To understand what forgiving means, we first have to look at the problem. Perhaps you have some resentment, anger, or fear. Whatever the harm is within, we hold on to the experience in order to keep ourselves safe. When something causes us harm, the mind and body recognize it and want to protect us from it in the future. 


To forgive is to free up space in the heart. We hold onto resentments and pain, taking up space in our mind/heart. When we forgive, we can free this space up to respond with kindness and compassion.


Forgiving somebody does not mean we have to let them cause harm again. Noah Levine often says, “We can let someone back into our heart without letting them back into our home.” This points out that forgiving doesn’t mean we need to bring the person back into our lives, roll over, or hesitate to set boundaries. We can hold strong in our boundaries AND open our hearts with forgiveness.

Forgiving Others Exercise

1.      Pick 2-4 people who need forgiveness. (if you're working with a coach, let them know when you know who they are and how many).

2.      Close your eyes and picture these people.

3.      Bring one person forward and let the others hang out in the background. (tell your coach when you have someone).  "Do you see this person clearly? Are you ready to forgive them?"

4.      Repeat out loud to this person: “I love you. I forgive you. Thank you for helping me and allowing me to learn my lessons with you and through you. I now release you to your own higher good.”

5.      Then watch, witness or feel the emotions, energetic cords, etc. between the two of you to just fade away.  (when you’re done, let your coach know).

6.      When that’s done, bring another person forward (repeat 1 - 6 until you've completed everyone).

7.      When you are done with everyone, say a prayer asking that light fills up all the spaces within where the energies were released.

Ho'oponopono Forgiveness

A healing practice that changes consciousness and suffering is called Ho’oponopono that has been taught around the world by Dr. Hew Len from Hawaii. A short definition of what Ho'oponopono is - is taking responsibility for whatever you experience in your reality. Needing to forgive self and others is an opportunity to shift emotions within us and erase ancestral programming.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Forgiving Self

We hear a lot about the importance of forgiving those who have harmed us, but what about forgiving ourselves? CLICK HERE for more info.