Our purpose is to partner with you to raise consciousness and light within you.  Our mission is to support others in remembering they are unlimited beings in an unlimited universe while reclaiming their most energized relationship with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies! Check out a few Testimonials!

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Going Within

Inner work is the practice of diving deep into your inner self for the purpose of self-exploration, self-understanding, healing, and transformation. Your inner self consists of your hidden feelings, memories, thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, wounds, shadows, etc, that influence your ability to transform and feel whole at a core level. By going within, you can move past fears, limitations, addictions, depressions, loneliness, and the feelings of brokenness that tend to plague human beings.

There are seven guiding principles that can be found within us.

  1. Grounding to the Earth is essential to create a strong secure foundation - the beginning of trust and releasing the shadows of fear
  2. Being in right relationship with others - and releasing the shadows of guilt or blame
  3. Loving Self and doing Inner Child Work - and releasing the shadows of shame
  4. Opening the Heart to give and receive love - and releasing the shadows of grief 
  5. Expressing truth - and releasing the shadows of secrets or lies
  6. Being your intuitive self - and releasing the shadows of illusion
  7. Connection to All That Is - and releasing the shadows of attachments

7 Methods for Inner Transformation

Chakra Opening and Clearing

The 7 chakras are the main energy centers of your body through which all Life Force flows. Activating the Heart of each chakra is vital to maintain physical, psychological and emotional health. Each chakra is a Sacred Circle where much wisdom can be found.

Energy Healing

Blocked energy creates disharmony, stress and dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit. By opening the flow of energy, you’ll feel more grounded, uplifted and energized. Increasing your energy vibration also accelerates the body’s ability to self-heal.

Meditation and Affirmations

We offer meditations and affirmations to integrate into your daily life. Some of the benefits of a daily meditation practice include reduced stress, deeper peace, improved concentration, increased happiness, better decision-making, clear thinking, and balanced emotions.

Inner Guidance Coaching

We offer you an opportunity to step away from the busyness of your daily life and listen within to your inner voice. When we move into a state of stillness, we are better able to access the deeper wisdom that resides within and is always seeking to emerge.

Manifesting Your Vision into Reality

Get clarity on what you really want, define your heart’s desires, release the blocks that hold you back, and manifest your dreams into reality! We use empowering exercises and processes for becoming clear on your vision, while releasing any fears associated with it. 

Connecting to Your Divine Essence

You’ll receive simple practices to connect with your Higher Self for greater happiness and abundance. Connecting with your divine essence is a powerful way to open the flow of creativity, wisdom and the ability to express yourself in the world.

Education on Awakening Your Endocannabinoid System

We educate people about the power of Hemp to activate their Endocannabinoid System which helps create more consciousness; to release stress, increase energy, creativity and clarity; activate physical and cellular detoxification, and become more relaxed to embodying your highest potential.