Grief - the Shadow Side of the Heart Chakra


Our Shadow Self are the parts within us that are in ‘darkness’. These parts are the fear, emotions and powerlessness we have trapped within us. They are the parts of us that feel separated from worthiness, separated from life and separated from love, wholeness, security and well-being. We all have them, but we don’t have to be stuck with them. Our shadows are striving to create our awakening to our highest self. The shadows are where defenses and hiding places are, that seek to stay in the unconscious. 

Our Heart Chakra portal deals with giving and receiving love and is blocked by Grief which closes down our right to "love and be loved". Our ability to love - requires that we open to the possibility of grief, sorrow and disappointment as well as the wonderful sensations of love, joy, fulfillment and compassion. 


When Our Hearts Are Broken

The metaphor of a broken heart is not merely cliché or so much symbolic language. Our hearts feel and experience the pain of grief and loss physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.


Unobstructed, the Heart Chakra is the gateway to unconditional love. It is the place where all passion and compassion, all suffering, as well as joy, all sympathy and empathy, all beauty, all love, and all of grief can co-exist. We each have the ability to tune into the heart energy of others around us and to the heart energy of the Universe.


In grief and post-trauma, it is a struggle to keep our hearts open, unobstructed and undefended when, in so many ways, all we wish is to stop feeling pain. Often we might feel we would do whatever it takes to stop the pain. But to stop the pain would also be to stop the love, and grief is an expression of love.


The Passion of the Heart

Some may think it strange to equate grief with passion, but the word passion itself comes from the Latin roots pati, passio, and passionem, all meaning “to suffer.” Grief’s passion is not static; it is dynamic, ongoing, infused with energy, as well as life and love. Passion, and its suffering requires patience. It can be difficult to have patience in and with grief. It is exhausting and depleting. We grow tired of the suffering. 


From passion we also have “compassion,” the prefix “com” meaning “with.” Compassion means to suffer, and to have patience with, pain—our own and that of others. Our hearts feel passion, the effects of suffering, as well as love. The love and the pain can be very difficult to separate, but when we can allow ourselves to feel both, we see that the pain can shift and it can change.


Deep grief exists because of deep love. If we never loved, we would never grieve. How many would relinquish love to be free of grief? Not many. The place of deep love and longing for our beloved ones that have crossed is sacred. It is through love in that sacred space that transformation occurs. It is transformation we never asked for, but we are changed nonetheless. Grief and love are equally transformative.   


Grief is an Expression of Love

Embracing grief as love’s expression opens the way for transformation. Pain as love can be endured, even willingly approached. Pain melting into love can soothe and ease, gently opening guarded, wounded spaces within. With love, the heart expands to allow grief a sacred space. The transformation of pain includes not only seeing grief as love, but finding within us the strength to approach it, to sit with it, to examine it, to be immersed in it, even if we feel afraid, sick, pained, or in a thousand other ways averse to the experience. In all relationships, love grows, love evolves, love changes.

Grief Healing

Part of grief work is simply owning/feeling the sadness and the anger.   We need to feel the grief about what happened to us and then we need to own the grief over what effect it has on us.   Grieving is a very different experience from being depressed.   While we are grieving we can still appreciate a beautiful sunset or be happy to see a friend or be grateful to be sad. Depression is being in a dark tunnel where there are no beautiful sunsets.

Deep grieving work is energy work. Paying attention to what is happening in our body so we can start releasing the emotional energy. When we get to a place where the emotions are coming up - when the voice starts breaking - the first thing to do is to remind ourselves to keep breathing. We automatically want to stop breathing and close our throats when the feelings get close to the surface. 

At the point where the voice starts breaking and the eyes start tearing, see if you can locate where the energy is concentrated in the body. Close your eyes and scan your body for tension or tightness and then breathe directly into the place you have identified.   Visualize breathing white light directly into that part of the body. That starts breaking up the energy and little balls of energy begin to release.  

Every time we go into the deep grieving place and release some of the energy through crying and raging (sometimes we need to rage to get to the tears or vise versa) we take a little power away from that particular wound.   The next time we touch on that wound it won't be quite as emotional or terrifying. It takes courage and faith to do the grief work. And it will change your relationship with yourself at its core!!


Bringing light to the shadows is a vital part of your spiritual path because it honors the need to explore and embrace all parts of you. 


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