Our inner child has unprocessed emotions that are weighing you down and contributing to mental/physical unease. Take a moment to reflect on what unprocessed trauma you might be carrying. Have you given yourself adequate space and time to face grief and heartbreak, feel it, and let it go? Your inner child carries the weight of this burden.  

What is a Heart Song?

Each of us has a story. This story is the journey we call life.  Each of us carries a vibration from our life experiences, a Heart Song that sings its vibration to all that is.The Heart Song technique is a meditation where you will be guided into your sacred Heart space. There you will be asked to vocally release any sorrow and grief trapped within your heart through sounds and tones that rise up and out of you. The sounds produced from your ​Heart Song will ​allow a flow of stuck energy to be released from your body, opening up space for a new flow of unconditional love and light, creating more trust to give and receive love. Thus raising your vibrational song to all.


Finding Your Heart Song

When you are able to find your Heart Song, you will be able to surrender memories, places, things, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you. In moments of silence; your song is always playing. It sits in the shadows, waiting for release from loss, addiction, brokenness, depression, failed relationships, etc. 

The vibration and frequency that you will be able to release, will move and vibrate areas that previously resisted the presence of light and love. As this begins to happen, the most amazing transformation unfolds. Awakening takes courage and responsibility. Only you truly have the answers within to brighten your light and find peace. 

Heart Song Guided Exercise

Your Heart Song will be a continuous vibration that arises from your heart. It will take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for you to feel you have finished releasing your Heart Song so that you feel complete. This process activates your heart consciousness, which is also connected to the consciousness of humanity, so you will be releasing for yourself and the world. In this exercise, you will be guided to connect to the Creator of All That Is where you will ask the Creator to release your song and all the sorrow and sadness that is no longer serving you. 

  1.  Place your hands on your heart and cradle it like it’s a baby. Get in touch with what’s bothering you and allow it to come up. There may be feelings from a long long time ago wanting to be released. 
  2. Take several deep breaths with the intention to be open and willing to connect and to find your Heart Song. Feel centered as you become neutral without fear. Feel neutral like a tree. Just be in this moment. Detached from everything and just BEing  You are safe.  

2. Breathe deeply and ground to Mother Earth. See your roots connected deeply into her core. Visualize bringing up Mother Earths energy up through your feet, up through your body and your chakras. Going all the way up to the crown chakra.

  1. As a coach I will listen now to hear Mother Earths heart song. I will briefly express her song that I hear through my heart. 
  2. Now take several deep breaths with the intention to open and release YOUR Heart Song. Feel centered and grounded and become neutral like a tree without fear. Just be in this moment. Detached from everything and just BEing. You are safe.  
  3. Are you ready to find your heart song?
  4. See a beautiful ball of light at the top of your head. You and your consciousness are this ball of light. Send your consciousness now up and past Mother Earth, up and through the universe.
  5. See your ball of light going up past white lights, past dark lights, past more white lights and past a jelly-like substance into a beautiful pearly iridescent white light, where you connect to Creator. Going higher and higher.  Are you there?
  6. Make this request to Creator now: ‘Creator, I ask that all the grief, sorrow, sadness and pain, that is no long serving me, be released through the song of my heart through a tone of my voice. I ask that you help me to do this now. Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done. Show me.’
  7. See yourself now deep in your sacred heart. Breathing as one with your heart.
  8. Ask your heart now to show you your Heart Song.  See energy building. Ask that your Heart Song is able to release the sorrow and pain from your heart.  Listen to the sad song in your heart. Feel the vibration of your song come up through your throat and out through your voice. Release and allow feelings and sounds to arise. You have wanted and needed to sing this song for a long time.
  9. Allow all sounds and tones to arise from within you. Give yourself this gift. Allow any resentments, frustrations, pain, that has been locked in your heart to be set free! Let the sound of the heart come out of your mouth. Allow it to be loud or soft, whatever it needs to do - and to come from the depth of your soul. (be silent for a couple minutes if they are toning. If they are afraid or to shy to start toning, do a example of what it can sound like to tone and then tell them you will be quite as they release).
  10. (After a couple minutes say the following) Remember you aren’t just doing this for yourself, but are also doing it for your family and all of humanity. Take several minutes and allow it to take as long as it needs to take. (When they have slowed down to almost nothing or they have stopped, go to the next step).
  11. Let’s check back in now to see if there is any other residue that is still in your heart, that is ready to be released. Scan your heart and body to feel what sadness, sorrow or pain is still left to be released and allow your song to continue now.
  12. You will know the process is finished when you will FEEL it has finished. You will feel lighter, energized or joyful. (when they are done, continue to the next step).
  13. Now that you feel finished, take a slow deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth exhaling all the air from your lungs.  Take another deep breath in and out.
  14. See the ball of light that contains you and your consciousness to come back completely now into your body. Feeling back completely.
  15. Ground your roots now once again back into Mother Earth, and bring her love up through your entire body. And when you feel you are ready, open your eyes and let me know you are ready to continue.


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* This process may need to be done more than once to release your sorrow in layers.