The Higher Self is exactly what the words imply - the best positive elements of your own being, the most reassuring aspect of your own inner strength, your personal expression of the Divine within you. It is your channel to the enormous resources of the human potential.


When you are connected to your Higher Self, you are aligned with your spiritual heart center. The heart is the seat of the soul, the core of who you are. What do people do when something deeply moves them? They usually put their hand on their heart. That’s because the heart experiences deep love. The heart also stores memories of love. The sweet memories and the painful ones. That is why it is also the place where we experience Grief which is the shadow side of the Heart Chakra.


Many, if not most people find it difficult to examine the painful parts of their lives. The Higher Self is the aspect of you with which you can have an actual discussion about whatever is troubling you and provide you the higher perspective you need to make healthy assessments of situations, relationships, and yourself.


When you connect to your Higher Self, you connect in the present moment. If you tend to live in the past, you feel things like guilt, shame, sorrow, failure—all past emotions—past energies. If you tend to be in the future you feel things like fear, doubt, anxiety, lack of control, helplessness and hopelessness. Connecting to your Higher Self connects you to being in the present, not in the past or the future.


Your Higher Self is the true essence of you. It’s your total and complete version of yourself, free of projections, issues, imprints, and fears—the divine form of you.

Imagine living as your highest self and being at your highest vibration that you can possibly be. Being so capable of love, that the love that you have for all beings—is so big your heart can’t even contain it.


Your Higher Self is in the vibration of unconditional love, so the more time you spend in that vibration, the closer you are to merging with your higher self. This means choosing to look at experiences from a soul perspective rather than an ego-based one, realizing that all experiences are for your highest good.


Focusing on PrimeMyChakras guiding principles can help make conditions right for your Higher Self to shine through.


Connecting with Your Higher Self Meditation

This exercise is a different kind of meditation technique, to help you connect with your Higher Self in the Garden of your Heart.


Your higher loving self has been with you since the beginning of all time. It absolutely loves you unconditionally. It is never angry with you. It is never critical. It understands every decision you have ever made and the reason why you made it. There is nothing you ever have to say or do to earn its love and guidance. Let’s begin:


1.      Close your eyes and breathe in several deep breathes.

2.      Place both hands over your heart chakra, in the center of your chest, and feel the energy vibrating there.

3.      Feel warm, loving energy filling your heart chakra. Allow this energy to flow throughout your body!

4.      Your entire body feels relaxed. Your feet, your legs, your thighs, your stomach, chest, shoulders and arms, your back, your neck and head.

5.      With each breath feel the cares of the day dissolving into nothing, letting go of any thoughts and feelings.

6.      Imagine now that you are entering a garden. The entrance of the garden has a trellis of climbing roses over it. As you walk through this trellis you see a variety of beautiful flowers. You see a path and you follow it to a small paved circle of stones with a bench. You sit down on the bench. You feel safe and comforted. You are ready to ask for your Higher Self to come to you. 

7.      Visualize your Higher Self slowly moving towards you. Visualize or feel whatever comes to you.

8.      Your Higher Self is now with. You feel a merging of energies that may feel very strong. Your whole body may tingle, as you feel tremendous love and peace.

9.      As you feel this connecting, ask your Higher Self a question.  The answers you receive may be in the form of thoughts, feelings, symbols, or a sense of knowing.

10.  If you don’t receive a message at this time, the answers you seek may come in the form of a dream or reach you at a later time when you are ready to receive them.

11.  When you feel the conversation is complete, ask your Higher Self if it has anything else it needs to tell you. When you feel it’s done, thank your Higher Self for helping you.

12.  Know that you can connect to your Higher Self anytime you need to feel love, support and guidance. Bring yourself back to this moment now and when you are ready, open your eyes.