Overcoming Objections

Dealing with objections is a part of the human experience. Learning how to communicate in an effective, open-minded, responsive, calm, and neutral manner is what leaders, teachers, influencers, in PrimeMyBody master.


An objection is any statement given in opposition to what you're saying: a concern, a doubt, or a request for more facts. The tone can range from a neutral request, to dismay, amusement, distrust, sarcasm, cynicism, contempt, provocation, irritation, scorn, and doubt of your sanity.


Your Goal

Objections are opinions disguised under layers of beliefs. Know that all objections are opportunities for feeling

empowered about what you're doing and what you offer. Get comfortable with objections and look forward to them. Know that an objection is never about you. Even if they say it's about you. It's about their opinion disguised under layers of beliefs. Clear any misconceptions and walk away feeling more empowered than before.


Your Role

1. Listen to what they say without interrupting = Active Listening. When there is no expectation or judging, you will be able to hear them.

2. Restate out loud what they said.

3. State the facts.

4. Offer new perspectives and ideas.

5. Find out their needs: Money? Community? Purpose?

6. When you stop insisting, people stop resisting. You can't convince anyone of anything. You may help them make a choice, but whether they say yes or no is their decision.


Sample Objections, Perspectives, and Responses

The point is to start to learn how to stop reacting and start communicating differently. Use Feel... Felt... Found as you will see in following pages.


“I don't like affiliate/ network/ direct sales/ multilevel marketing.”

What don't you like about it? [then listen to their story around networking. Let them completely spill out whatever horror story they believe, or have seen, or heard about, or imagined]. Yeah, that's not this. That's not what PrimeMyBody is. That's not this. This is a form of "compassionate capitalism" where people are helping other people rather than the traditional win- lose model in corporate business.


“I don't have time for this.”

I thought that too, at first. Your role is to be the Connector and you only need to do short introductions about the Hemp Oil and the business and then connect them to our upline to learn more. I'm doing this because I'm tired of not having enough time. And I see the writing on the wall. Working the same way I've worked for the past 20 years guarantees that I will never have my time back. I'm tired of being a slave to the clock, and to my job, and to linear income.


“Is this a pyramid scheme? A scam? Is this one of those ponzi things?”

What do you mean by __________? [ask them to clarify what they mean] I used to think that, too. Ask them if they are familiar with Affiliate Marketing. Listen to the response. Then say something like this: A pyramid structure is like Exxon or General Motors where the CEO and top officers make the most money and everyone at the bottom lives paycheck to paycheck. Let me tell you what we do and then you label it whatever you choose. In most businesses, about 65% of every dollar goes to the distributor channel, such as brokers, fulfillment center, distributors and the actual store. In an affiliate marketing model, WE do the advertising for the company. That 65% goes to the people, not the larger businesses. In PrimeMyBody, the cost of starting this business is $39. All of the training is free. All of the literature is free. All of the help you'll get from your team is free. Do you mean something illegal? ... [just let that hang in silence for as long as it takes them to speak again] You didn't really think I'd be doing something illegal, did you? A Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors from their own money, as well as the money paid by subsequent new investors... that's not what this is. Network marketing is very similar to how all other distribution channels work. The main difference is that instead of the money going to distribution centers and Whole Foods, a small percentage of it goes to you, for recommending the product. That's it. Every dollar we have in our pockets came to us through a distribution channel. Every dollar we spend will be given out to some person in a distribution chain. This is just like that.


“I don't know enough people.”

How many do you think you'll need? [then listen to their answer] You don't need that many. You only need 3-5 networkers to build a network. Do you know people who would like to work from their homes in their spare time? Do you know people who'd like to make $800-1500 a month in spare income? Let's build your story and put it out to the few people you have. If you really don't get any response in 60 days, then at least we gave it a good shot. [some people may not be good for this business. but by trying for 60 days, they may find 1 or 2 people who ARE good at it, and then their network can grow]


“This is only good if you get in at the top, or at the beginning.”

Who did you hear that from? [then listen] Most of the top money earners in affiliate marketing have only 2-5 people in their network who generate 80-90% of their income. Many have only 2 who are the reason they're earning 5 figures a month. You need very few good people to build a solid monthly income. (Remember when Steven Spielberg shot his breakthrough movie Jaws with 400,000 feet of film, he only used 11,000 feet for the

final cut: 2.75%.) You want those 2.75% of people in your business. I can show you very quickly how I can make more money, a LOT more money, than people who got in before me. I'm the top of my organization, but you are the top of your organization. And you can earn a lot more money than I do. It all depends on how you build your network.


“I can't sell. I'm not a sales person.”

I understand how you feel. I felt that way too in the beginning, but I found that I love to inform and share with others what's important to me, and that's really what it takes to be successful at this. I look at this as I am transforming lives and I'm sharing something that allows me to build time and financial freedom. I take the Hemp Oil and I tell others about it's benefits and then I show people the power of doing the same with others and building a network. Consider setting aside your assumptions about what this takes. Come on board and meet the others involved. You'll see that they are just passionate about what this Hemp Oil can do and how it

interacts with the Endocannabinoid receptor system in our bodies.


“I found a different hemp oil that is cheaper.”

1) I understand you have lots of choices. I thought the same thing until I found out I was comparing apples and oranges in regards to Hemp Oils. Every other Hemp Oil goes through the digestive tract and after a few hours you may have about 10% absorption. Ours has a sonicated nano-enhanced, liposomal delivery that goes into the mouth and right into the bloodstream. Within 30 minutes you have 80% absorption.

2) I know how you feel. I felt the same way until I found out the prices of other top quality Hemp Oils. Charlotte's Web charges $165 for 1 oz. NuLeaf charges $239 for 1.7 oz. Ours is $109 retail for 1.69 oz.


“I need to think it over.”

I can understand that, and often need to think before making a decision. Let me help. Is it the product you are not sure about? The company? The opportunity? I can send you information that will help with your decision.