Processing Tips

After a session, some people experience physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, etc. These symptoms are caused by healing changes taking place in the body. If the person has been in a weakened or sick condition or has been operating at less than their highest level of well being, energy tends to accumulate in various tissues.

These symptoms are actually part of energy shifting as the person is processing. This is sometimes called a “healing crisis” by some, but is actually a normal part of the healing process. So when this happens, keep in mind that it is actually a good sign and indicates that healing is taking place.

It is important to have suggestions to give at the end of a session for a client to do for a couple days such as:

  • Drink more water
  • Take Hemp Oil
  • Getting more rest
  • Ground and connect with nature
  • Epson salt bath
  • Do the Peace Meditation
  • Be gentle with self as thoughts and memories come to the surface, acknowledge them, look at what the lesson was, bless them, and let them go.
  • Journal experiences and sensations

Different Stages of Healing

As we are all quite unique (and at different stages of healing at any given time) so too will our experiences be different. Any comparisons from one session to another - or even from one person to another - would not give justice to the unique reality and truth present within each moment and each person (none of us are doing the same life journey - so try not to compare or judge).

Rest assured, during and immediately after a healing, anything you experience within your body-mind-spirit is exactly what is needed in that moment (even if it is perceived as "negative"). And mysteriously enough, you will find that by the next session everything will have shifted! This is what is so delicious about this work... from one session to the next one never knows what new and unique experiences and opportunities will open up. It could be that in just one more session... in just one little energetic turning of a corner...your life could be miraculously shifted into something new and entirely different.... How exciting is that?!

It can be very beneficial to keep a journal to write down any and all experiences or sensations that occur during a healing session. Include any inspirations, understandings, messages, dreams, “coincidental” events and shifts in feelings that come to you later in the week. This should help you be more consciously aware of the subtle intricacies of how the healings are affecting you. Writing this information down helps you to conceptually and mentally integrate and track your progress.