Releasing Lies, Dishonesty, Secrets Visualization

As a human being we all experience dishonesty or secrets. Dishonesty can block us from giving and receiving love. The shadow of lies sits in the darkness until it is brought to the light.


Sit comfortably now, take a deep breath, close your eyes and allow your body to fully relax. Continue to breathe deeply and regularly, knowing that you are safe. When you feel relaxed and ready to continue, let me know.


To release the shadow of lies, we need to begin by re-framing the memories within you.

·         Where does your lie of __________ come from? When was the first time you experienced lying or secrets? Who were you with? What were you doing?

·         Every experience we have had is trying to teach us a valuable lesson so that we can grow and evolve. Lies are trying to serves us in some way.  Unless you find out why            it serves you, it can be recreated.

·         How has this lie served you?  What positive lessons is it teaching you?


Take a deep breath now, and visualize yourself taking those lessons and placing them in your heart as you express gratitude for them. Let me know when you are ready to continue.


We can now release the shadow side of lies. Are you ready to release the lie of ____________?

Take another deep breath, allowing your body to be fully present and relaxed.


Allow yourself to now bring into your mind’s eye an image that represents the lie you have of ____________. Scan your body to see where you feel the energy of this lie. Where is it stuck? Does it have a weight? Color? Shape? Texture? Let me know when you are ready to continue.


We call upon Creator God to now be with us. Thank you Creator God for your loving healing light. We ask that you now encircle ________’s lie with a ball of pure white light. And we ask that this light will absorb the lie leaving only the positive lessons of it. Thank you…


Visualize yourself now taking this ball of light that contains your lie and placing it in your hands - and with a deep intentional breath - blow it out of your hands and surrender it completely to Creator God - asking that it be released from you. Allow the ball of light to float upwards to Creator God and watch it float out of sight. Let me know when you are finished.


Take a deep breath – and turn your attention to where you saw the lie within your body. Notice how it has changed. Do you still see it? Feel into the lie and see if there is any more emotional charge to it. Let me know if there still is.


(if there is more to be released, continue here) Once again we ask Creator God to encircle the remaining parts and pieces of this lie in a ball of pure white light. Visualize yourself taking that ball with the rest of the negative energy of the lie, and blowing it out of your hands to surrender it completely. Let me know when you are ready to continue.


Please repeat this prayer out loud after me:

Lies and secrets kept me stuck in the shadows

My heart sings its release, as I let go and find peace,
Letting my love and light grow, I am more loved than I know.


Releasing the dishonesty allows the energy of Abundance to open the heart of your Throat Chakra. Bring yourself back into this moment. Take a deep breath, and when you are ready to continue, let me know.