Going Within

To be able to go within, we need to be in a Sacred Space. There are many different ways to do so. One way is to start with centering.


Centering Process

  • Centering is being fully present in the moment, connected within your heart, focused and open to your Higher guidance being fully present.

       At this point some people smudge their area and themselves to create sacred space.       

       Breathe deeply. Gently close your eyes and go within.
       Notice your breathing. It should be even and relaxed.
       With each exhale, release tension, worry and thoughts.
       With each inhale, take in calming, loving energy, replenishing the self.
       Ground yourself to Mother Earth.

       Focus your attention on your heart. Bring up a feeling of gratitude for someone or something.


Clearing Self

  • In prayerful way ask Source energy to clear any negative thought patterns, low vibrational energies, wayward spirits, excess radiation and any other foreign energies and toxins from you for your highest and best.  Ask that places be filled with unconditional love and light in every cell, atom and molecule.
  • Ask that your angels, guides and higher self to work with you for the day or for a session if you work with clients.  Ask to be in the moment without fear in a state of gratitude. Ask to see the client as perfect, without any expectations about the outcome.

  • Ask Source energy to run the session, create a psychic connection between you and your clients subconscious, and download to you what is needed for their highest & best before the session.  Ask that any Wayward Spirits be cleared from the client. Ask that their higher self, angels, and guides will help you to do the session. Ask for Creators 100% truth. Stay in the moment without anxiety and fear in a state of gratitude, let go of ego separation. See client as perfect, without attachment to the outcome. 

*    Another suggestion is to do the Peace Meditation before a session.

Creating a Sacred Space

A sacred space is your sanctuary. A place where you can be alone. A place where you can meditate or pray, relax, practice yoga, dance, or even just check-in with yourself and your dreams. It’s a place for you to come home to, to recharge your body, mind and spirit. 


There are many ways to create sacred space. One way is smudging yourself and your space. Smudging is a process of using smoke from a sacred plant such as sage, to clear away any negative energies and to attract positive energies to you. You can use a shell as the container for the sage to burn in. You light the plant and blow out the flames so it is smoldering, rather than burning. To keep it smoldering, fan it with your hand, a feather or a feather fan. Start in the East wafting the smoke towards the East and ask that it clear all low vibrating energies and raise the vibrational frequencies to create sacred space. Do the same for the South, West, North, below and above. Then do the same for your own inner being.