The Shadow Self

The Darkness Trapped Inside

The ‘shadow self’ has been well documented over time. Carl Jung in particular is famous for many of his theories about the shadow self. He was not talking necessarily about being bad. What he was referring to was the energy we can hold inside us emotionally regarding darkness'.

As a child we can absorb and take on the dark low vibrating energy of others around us and ‘become it’ energetically. As we all do with trauma and dark acts… as children and as adults.

Our shadow selves (the trapped painful emotions) play out their ‘dark’ energy throughout our lives, because that is exactly what our unconscious does. We can be committed to getting these painful shadows (wounds) out of our body.

Unless we change the way we have perceived life it can be difficult to accept the existence of our shadow self. If we simply think we are blood and bone bumping along in life, and stuff ‘just happens to us’, we may not want to accept a deeper understanding of our shadow self. By going deeper we can start to acknowledge a greater force going on, other than the ones we perceive with our physical senses. Unconscious forces which are pulling the strings of our life. 

A deeper understanding allows us to take our power back, and allows us to access liberation despite the suffering we have already lived.  To access this emancipation from our wounds entails taking our journey inwards, deeper and wider.

It is about shining a light on the shadows, on our unconscious, in order to make what has been painfully unconscious conscious.

In our PrimeMyChakras program, we listen carefully to provide you with an ally on your journey to healing.  

We look at both Shadow and Light within you in order to engage your whole being.  

What Are Our Shadows?

Our shadows are the parts of us that feel separated from worthiness, separated from life and separated from love, wholeness, security and well-being. It's very important to understand that as human beings, we ALL have shadows. 

And we don’t have to be stuck with them.

When we are acting unconsciously it means there is a force running our life which we feel powerless to authentically overcome. This is the best indication there are unconscious shadows within – when you have thoughts, emotions, addictions, reactions and compulsions that overtake you.

If the painful trapped emotions are still wedged in your subconscious, the ‘shadow’ still has power over you. Emotions are energy. They are E-Motions – energy in motion – and incredibly powerful. They shape your life.

Trapped painful emotions create the drawing towards you of the match of that painful shadow, and also effects how you show up in life from within the wounded shadow.

When we understand what shadows are, we can understand that when we are generating life from our painful shadows, the results are self-defeating and incredibly painful. We find time and time again that we meet the same issues, no matter how hard we try to counteract them.

The Potent Energy of the Shadow

What are we really HERE to do? We are here to self-actualize, to be the greatest force of truth, love and oneness that we can be. How could we ever achieve that?

By meeting ourselves, taking responsibility and cleaning ourselves up and out of our inner shadows to become highly actualized beings. Our souls are striving to create - our awakening to ourselves.

The shadows that threaten to destroy us, are in fact our saviors if we choose to become conscious. They are waking us up to evolve ourselves, and to rid ourselves of the ancestral wounds of worthlessness, abuse and abused that we all carry. They are propelling us to raise consciousness and to change our world.   

How can I bring healing to myself and the world? By getting free of my own painful shadows, and becoming the being of light I am, and shining it and helping other people do the same.

The truth is this – and this is the real truth. I can only experience darkness if I am carrying the darkness of my heritage, my accumulated wounds, my ancestor’s mistakes and their blights inside me.

The Powerlessness of Our Disowned Shadows

Our shadows sit dormant, until they are triggered (either from within or without), and then life starts permeating our emotions into our life. Our shadows drain energy out of our battery cell, rather than replenishing it. Our shadows also 'suck' from the wholesomeness of The Field. 

Additionally our shadows trap us with shame and blame. The more we try to disown our ‘broken’ inner parts, and amputate away from that part of ourselves, the more we hate them, make excuses for them, feel incredible shame about them, blame them on someone else, manifest monsters in our life to take the blame for us, and continue abusing ourselves with addictions, bad relationships, self-judgement, conditional love and poor self-treatment.

When we finally wake up and stop doing this, and choose to LOVE ourselves shadows and all – then we can start doing something about transforming these painful trapped E-Motions into something so much healthier.

Bringing Light to the Shadows

Our shadows are our painful trapped emotions that are causing us to have ‘less than’ belief systems about ourselves, life and others.

Unfortunately and sadly we have been trained to avoid looking within, and we were educated by people who were terrified of their own shadows that taking person responsibility meant “Admitting fault”, “Taking the blame”, “Handing power over”, and “Being vulnerable and susceptible to attack from the outside”.

So how do we wake up from the nightmare to stop the pain happening? Self-reflection is the anti-venom to the poison - it is the only true cure.  

First of all we have to admit that we are human and that we have inner wounding. If you have a problem accepting that.

Look at our world. Look at the unconsciousness, the lack of emotional intelligence and inner understanding of how we really generate life. Look at the pattern of treating symptoms but not going into the reasons for causes. Look at a world modeled on instant gratification and quick fixes without dealing with the real reasons. 

We have been separated from each other, separated from Oneness, and separated from our own inner beings. Our world is one where we were taught to believe all we had to do was just ‘get ‘, ‘have’ or ‘look’ a certain way and the pain would go away.

Humankind is wounded…

The truth is, if you are having a human experience you have wounds. If you have had or are receiving painful events in your life, you can be totally sure you have wounds. To start waking up – to get conscious – we need to turn inwards. We need to take our focus off ‘out there’ and we need to put it ‘in there’ – knowing that ‘in there’ and ‘out there’ is the same thing.

The following is the test – the absolute test…of how to know if you have painful shadows lurking within you. Think about something painful or traumatic that happened in your life. It doesn't matter whether it was 50 years ago, or yesterday. Really go into the memory of the event. Do you still have negative emotion connected to it?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then it is shadow playing out in your life now. It is a trapped painful emotion, it is E-Motion, energy in motion in your present reality.  How you know it is no longer a shadow, is when you can think about it with no emotional charge on it.  And that is exactly what energetic shift processes create - they release trapped painful emotions and transmute them into light. Creating that reality is your absolute goal. 

Buddha had it right when he said “If you want to know what your inner world is doing look at your outer world”.

Einstein also had it right when he said “You can’t solve problems with the same level of consciousness they were created at”.

It’s true – we have to become conscious if we want to wake up for the unconscious nightmare.

The Alchemy in the Shadows

So what happens when the shadow is released and that pure potentiality breaks free?

It is like a connection to the Oneness of Life, yourself, others and the reason for being alive that transcends anything you previously know, yet you instinctually know has been coded deeply within you for eternity. And you recognize this…actually it’s so much more than that – you just know it.

You literally lose who you were being and start becoming who you were always meant to be. You start knowing and understanding things that make more sense and create more solidness than you ever knew was possible. You literally understand life. 

Probably the best way to describe this is being a part of ‘Heaven on Earth’. The absolute truth is the goodies are all within - the absolute power, solidness and wholeness comes from transforming our shadows into the light - unlocking the unlimited potential of the power that was held within our shadows. 

It is in the releasing of the shadows where we gain our energy that flows from Source, our infinite wisdom, expansion and wholeness, and our connection to Oneness and unity.

By Melanie Tonia Evans