We are living in extraordinary times. Our challenge in life is to be able to move through drama and stress without taking down our centeredness. Without our brain taking over with anxiety, fear or depression. When can discover how to create high vibrational energy within us, we can feel calm, centered, and at ease.


As energy light workers for many years, we have discovered a variety of ways that people can help themselves to build a strong immune system and raise their vibration. Wediscovered three years ago, that we can support and strengthen our mind and body by awakening our natural endocannabinoid system. All mammals have what’s known as an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The primary purpose of the ECS is to maintain a natural internal balance. When cannabinoids from the Hemp plant enter the bloodstream, they instinctively interact and communicate with the ECS’ series of receptors that are interconnected throughout our body. The receptors are found primarily in the brain and central nervous system, and in peripheral organs and immune cells.


We discovered PrimeMyBody, a research and development Hemp based company, who have created organic hemp extracts that awaken the cognitive processes—like attention, concentration, memory and reaction speed. Their research has brought together cannabinoids, botanicals and terpenes together, that trigger a robust balancing response by the ECS. This promotes feelings of calm, composure, and soothing relief from internal or external stressors. The brain and body relax.


The power of PrimeMyBody’s Hemp extracts are proven by science, supported data, screening observations and detailed analysis. With clinical-based screenings, with advanced qEEG NeuralScans and SPECT scans, PMB’s oils are proven to access the brain quickly and profoundly on brain activity and cognitive function. You can watch this video with PrimeMyBody’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Cheng Ruan, who runs the largest Integrative Functional Medicine clinic in the US at the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, as he shows pictures of analyzing brain activity, and using SPECT scans on assessing the brain from using PMB’s hemp oils. Click Here 


Dr. Ruan has done and will continue to do clinical trials through studies and brain scans with Hemp oil.  Studies are showing brain regeneration after just 24 hours. He conducted a 121-participant study over the course of a three-month span that statistically concluded taking FOCUS Hemp extract on a daily basis contributes to better quality of life, improves perceived stress levels by upwards of 75 PERCENT.


Our mission is to spread awareness for how to have a healthy body, sharp mind, and bold spirit raising our consciousness of light.

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