Solar Plexus Self Meditation

If you have RECEPT Hemp Oil you can take some to prepare for the meditation.


Find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate at.  Close your eyes and be aware of the silence around you and take a couple deep breaths, as you relax your muscles throughout your body.


Take another deep breath and lift your awareness to your third chakra, the solar plexus center in your belly. While exhaling, let your attention settle there in your middle, your center of gravity. The color is a radiant bright yellow.


Imagine your breath going directly into your chakra. As you meditate on this glowing power center, sense the force within you that moves your breath in and out automatically.


Feel your source of personal power. Breathe in more power.

See yourself cultivating your best intentions for your life. See a clear path appearing before you. A path leading you to your mission of loving yourself.


See yourself feeling cheerful, outgoing, having self-respect, enjoying taking on new challenges, and having a strong sense of confidence.


Continue to feel strong as you repeat positive affirmations out loud such as:


I AM a wonderful human being and I love myself.

I respect and care for myself

I am at peace with myself

I stand in my power

My Solar Plexus is open and clear. And so it is.


Do this exercise daily for 10-15 minutes to create more balance, and to unblock and open your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Using Hemp Oil

Hemp oil enhances your meditation thus giving you extra energy and support to release, manage and unblock your Solar Plexus energy.  It can also help you on a daily basis, in the moment, when you need to revitalize your energy system. Hemp oil is a wonderful meditative enhancer that can be used just prior to meditating, and to help keep your energy flowing, keeping your grounded and able to be physically stable.