"In my life journey I have experienced and practiced chakra clearing, balancing and having an understanding of how the energy centers function. PrimeMyChakras takes this practice inward, to the very Heart of each chakra operation and how YOU are an intricate part of it's optimal function. Allowing you to acknowledge and release what no longer serves your highest and best, in a safe and loving space. Designed to allow you to go as deep as you are ready to go. Easily repeated with more and more benefit to your overall well being and balance. This is an experience that needs to be on everyone's healing 'to do' list. Bringing you to a place of balance, centeredness, grounded, with peace and harmony for self and others. In these challenging times, it is important to shine our lights as bright as we can, freely and unfiltered. I highly recommend this program."  - Greg, April 2020

"I really can’t say enough about this program with the healing work, dedication and service to humanity as a whole. Not only is the PMC program more than affordable to anyone, it helps you get to the root of many physical and emotional challenges that we all face.  The program helped me refocus, let go and truly allow myself to heal certain areas of my life. It gave me ample resources during and after the program that I can refer back to and use at anytime.  I loved many of the mediation videos and the detailed information Cinda provided as a Coach. This type of program would be hundreds of dollars with any other traditional practitioner.  Greg and Cinda are service oriented healers.  They are excellent at what they do and do it with integrity, a genuine heart, and never judging.  I highly recommend this program to anyone! We all need this!" - Jodee, November 2019

"Since my stroke in September 2018, I’ve noticed a deficiency with my cognitive abilities and memory issues. Also my central nervous system gets rocked out easily and leads me to feelings of nervousness and anxiety. So I turned to using FOCUS Hemp Oil . I’ve already noticed less feelings of anxiety, it has decreased my appetite, I sleep more soundly and it has eliminated the cramping of my lower extremities I was experiencing most every night." - Cynthia, September 2019    

“I WANT to thank you for being such a positive influence in my granddaughters life.... she is changing before my eyes.... she has gotten up two days in a row in the morning like the rest of the world which is amazing - she is smiling and happy. She cut down the trazadone, and is taking the hemp oil three times a day.  And your energy work along with the Hemp oil has created amazing results. You have helped change her life and I am so so grateful! At this point I would say you being in her life has saved her life.


p.s. - my granddaughter was coming out of addictions, an eating disorder and depression with extreme anxiety. She started taking the Hemp oil the evening of August 17th. And started receiving energy clearing on the morning of August 18th.”  - Julie , August 2019

Disclaimer: Our healing sessions or products do not diagnose, cure, treat, heal or prevent any disease or illness. All testimonials are used with permission.