Third Eye Chakra Overview  

The PrimeMyChakra program is designed to give you the tools you need to raise your vibration and deepen your connection to your higher self.


Our Third Eye Chakra deals with insight and is blocked by Illusion of Separation which closes down our "Right to See".  The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth of the seven energy centers. The main color of this chakra is violet. Located at the brow area. The Sacred truth is Intuitive Insight. The Third eye chakra helps you to:

  • Sense higher energies (like Spirits and angels)
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides
  • See psychic symbols, visions, and images
  • Connect to your intuition

Strengthen Your Intuition

Have you ever felt as though something was not right, or you felt a certain way about a situation? Maybe you felt unsafe at a certain moment or felt uneasy around someone? This is your intuition which is the knowing of your Third Eye. Our intuition is often referred to as our ‘inner voice’ or ‘inner feeling’. It is normally an instant reaction or thought to a situation that you may be in.  It is good to know how to make your intuition stronger so that you can use it to its best potential. We, as humans, tend to find it hard to listen to our intuition and instead try to rationalize everything.

The PrimeMyChakra program is 7 one on one personal mentorship sessions.  Want to learn more?  Go HERE.


Our Shadow Self are the parts of ourselves that are in ‘darkness’. These parts are the fear, emotions and powerlessness we have trapped within us. These are the parts of us that feel separated from worthiness, separated from life and separated from love, wholeness, security and well-being. We all have them and we don’t have to be stuck with them. Our shadows are striving to create our awakening to ourselves. The shadows are where defenses and hiding places are, that seek to stay in the unconscious. 

Our Third Eye Chakra deals with insight and is blocked by Illusion of Separation which closes down our ‘Right to See’. The Third Eye Chakra is a place of imagination, visualization, dreams, visions, symbols and how you can work with them. The greatest illusion within this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different from you are actually one and the same. We are all one people in a collective consciousness, but we live as if we are divided. Everything is connected.  Click here for more information on: Illusion - the Shadow Side of the Third Eye Chakra. 


“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.” 

(Carl Jung) 


Bringing light to the shadows is a vital part of your spiritual path because it honors the need to explore and embrace all parts of you. Your 'Right to See', means claiming and maintaining your connection to your Higher Self. 


The secret of getting what you want in life is to get in the vibrational frequency of what you want – to go to the FEELING and BEING place of what you want.  We support you in manifesting your light through a variety of ways such as life coaching, guided meditations, affirmations, and development of personal goals, etc.


After the Third Eye Chakra session you will receive additional information in a email.   Part of what we will offer you are Third Eye Chakra Daily Practice

suggestions which is a unique part of the PrimeMyChakras program created to help you awaken to being at home in higher levels of consciousness.  


We support you to bring shadows to the light. Light is meant to flow through us, to inspire us with our own unique Heart Song.

Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation Video

 This guided meditation brings energy to a person’s capabilities, strengths, talents, and skills, bringing light to that which is ready to shift.  

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations Video

Speaking positive affirmations helps awaken the heart of this chakra. Repeat the affirmations out loud, within self, and/or write them out on a piece of paper. 

Raising Consciousness with Hemp Oil

Homeostasis is the body functioning at optimal efficiency. Creating balance, harmony and alignment in our chakra system along with taking Hemp Oil helps to create homeostasis. Each chakra is connected to the endocrine system to specific organs, glands and the nervous system. Hemp oil also feeds our body as well.  


We have an endogenous cannabinoid system in our body. PrimeMyBody’s FOCUS Hemp oil is the foundation of cannabinoids and botanicals that feed that system. When you take FOCUS Hemp oil it goes directly into the blood, brain and nervous system. The nervous system controls the organs, the tissues and the muscles. Relaxing your brain helps you make conscious healthy choices to take the steps to be more in alignment with your gifts and a deeper desire to give those gifts back to humanity.  

Third Eye Overview